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  • United Supranational Network (USN) :

This is the union of governments from the Americas into one big super governing body. This was attempted few times before the story takes place but ultimately failed multiple times. Eventually over time through the US was able to get the Canadian and Mexican governments on their side. This led to a very "bittersweet" relationships with the governments in South America. Over a period of economic instability in the South American region the regional governments folded to the (USN).

  • Oceania Cooperative Union (OCU):

This is the combined governments of Australia, Japan, Korea as well as Southeast Asia. The entire purpose of this union was to protect each other from the military & economic might of China and its allies. Unlike the USN this union was a more defensive act than expanding one entities influence.

  • European Commonwealth (EC):

After the United Nations collapse this is what resulted after the fallout.  The EC still has a rather poor relationship with Africa due to the exploitation they took part in many years prior. Ontop of that they entire region is still unstable due to all the separatist factions that still exsist and operate in the region. Everything from infighting, corruption, and poor management from the EC are an everyday occurrence.

  • Organization of African Consolidation (OAC):

Born from desperation this Union occurred due to the need of an unified governmental body to improve the standard of living, insure public health & safety, prevent corruption, and the  exploitation of the African peoples. This was also possible due to the combined efforts from the EC and OCU through economic aid. Although the EC tried to save some face by helping they are generally still looked at as oppressive force by the OAC.


  • Zaftra:

With the world growing ever closer Russia felt threatened that it may be economically separated from the world so it founded "Zaftra". This incorporated and consolidated many surrounding states into one super-state with its own form of government. Officially proclaims to be a republic but with Russia's influences the scales can be tipped at a whim.

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