Set in the year 3042 Earth has known peace for hundreds of years until recently. With advancements in technology and the sciences happening almost daily the global community is much closer than they were in the past. Come with increased cooperation of global leaders there began a new age of diplomacy. Massive blocks have began to form known as "Unions" and one such Union would be called Oceania Cooperative Union (OCU).

 Only 10 years ago another Union was formed after two staged  coup d'etat attempts to overthrow local OCU government in the country of Aklan.  This union was called " People's Republic of Da Han Zhong " (DHZ) and they became official recognized by the OCU after a bloody conflict. It didn't take long for other countries to begin to voice anti-OCU sentiments. Initially it was peaceful opposition to the OCU but quickly fell into non-peaceful opposition. Eventually it broke out into full scale war as the Philippines waged war on the puppet government that the OCU installed there.

At this point in time the OCU was hard pressed to maintain its hold on the region. It wasn't long before a resolution was passed that allowed the United Supranational Network (USN) to intervene in the conflict and to establish peace.

This is where our story begins….

Chromestrike Chronicles